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May 31, 2011

For me, the weekend included a trek to southern Indiana to ride the Wildebeest at Holiday World/Splasin' Safari. 

I also began digging into Albert Brooks' new novel "2030" and gave another listen to the LA Theatreworks' recording of "The Cherry Orchard" featuring Charles Durning, Hector Elizondo and Marsha Mason. Since seeing the Goodman Theatre's "The Seagull" and Butler University's Chekhov mash-up "Small Lives/Big Dreams," I've got a burn to see and hear more from the Russian master.

With Cate Blanchett starring in "Uncle Vanya" at the Kennedy Center in Washington this summer and Steppenwolf in Chicago offering a new Tracy Letts' adaptation of "The Three Sisters" in its upcoming season, I may get my wish.

What about you?

Did you catch the last weekend of the Phoenix Theatre's "The Zippers of Zoomerville"? Visit the new Tiger Forrest at the Indianapolis Zoo? Take the kids to the Children's Museum or Conner Prairire?

Or catch "Bridesmaids" or "Thor" at a theater near you?

Your thoughts?

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