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Cultural tourist NYC: Son of Pony poetry reading at Cornelia Street Cafe

July 16, 2011


 Ponying Up


(Notes on a first visit to NYC’s Son of Pony open mic poetry reading at the Cornelia Street Cafe

More info here.)



Poetry is democratic

and red curtains hide nothing

in a basement where Prague summer lives,

a Glock becomes a vibrator,

turtles cross slowly in two different metaphors,

and the drink? Included in the seven dollar cover.


The narrow aisle keeps the emcee back by the bar

a disembodied voice

announcing three-minute turns.

“No connections between things/but they happen at once”

Or so says Brant Lyon

a poet.


In comedy clubs,

Three minutes can last an eternity

Much of bad comedy being lies

but poetry,


for good or ill,

(mostly for good)

is someone’s truth




--Lou Harry, July 2011


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