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Thoughts from the Rolling Stone Super Bowl party red carpet

February 5, 2012

It's an odd traditional, the red carpet. The press lines up. The occassional celebrity wanders by. Lame questions are asked. Lame answers are given. Photos are taken. 

And there's a lot of down time, especially when there isn't a pre-determined start time for the event (as there is with a movie screening or theater opening). 

Here are some of my thoughts during those in-between moments as I stood sandwiched between MTV reporters and local news teams waiting for the next celebrity guests to arrive at the night-before-Super Bowl Rolling Stone party downtown.

--Why are TV anchors so desperate to have out-of-towners validate Indianapolis. Can someone who got off a plane two hours earlier really have anything of merit to say about how wonderful Indy is? 

--Either Natalie Morales or Savannah Guthrie should have Ann Curry's job.

--A band like Cobra Starship could play Indy every year for a decade and get no TV attention, but put its members on a red carpet and suddenly they are deemed worth talking to.

--Actress Nikki Reed ("Twilight") is gorgeous. There, I said it.

--If ten reporters on a red carpet have to ask "Who's that?" to a PR person, then that person has no business taking one quick photo op and then dodging the line to sneak in a different way (Yes, I'm talking to you, Captain America, whatever your real name is).

--It would have been more fun seeing Dave Navarro if he had joined the celebrity poker game the previous evening.

--It's frustrating when the one celebrity you actually have a question for doesn't show up. If you are reading this Neal Patrick Harris, here's my question: Cole Porter or Hoagy Carmichael? 

--Did people actually have fun inside the party?

Your thoughts?


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