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Dave Wilson: Farewell to the King

March 6, 2009
News came last night (see story here) that Dave Wilson was among 105 full and part-time Emmis employees caught in the most recent round of layoffs.

When I arrived in Indy nearly 15 years ago, Dave "The King" Wilson was one of the guys whose voice on the radio heped me feel connected to my new home.

Local radio personalities can do that. I found him on the dial because, when it comes to radio, I gravitate toward voices rather than music. Whether listening in Indy or while on the road, I tend to search the dial for someone--almost anyone--sharing an opinion or aiming for a laugh.

Dave did both. And while I didn't always agree with him (who wants to listen to someone who you agree with all the time?), I listened.
He was an entertainer. And his years as a stand-up comic served him well. His laid back on-air approach hid the prep time required to actually write new material. His jokes may have often been groaners, but they were new groaners. 

Eventually, I became an occassional guest on his show, and I always felt welcome.

I'll admit I didn't listen much after format changes took his show (and station) to FM. But I'm still sad to see/hear him go. And I'm hoping that he finds his way back soon, if for nothing else than for his perspective on the Indy 500.

His voice will be missed.

My thoughts go out to Dave and all those impacted by the cuts.

Your thoughts? And who in the local radio pool do you still enjoy listening to?
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