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New downtown art arrives April 21

April 6, 2009

IBJ reporter Kathleen McLaughlin chimes in with an update on the latest downtown public art showcase: 

Installation of "George Rickey: An Evolution" begins April 21 at 10 locations downtown. Printed guides will be available May 1, and the show opens officially on May 5. Funded by the Lilly Endowment and Cultural Development Commission, the towering, kinetic sculptures will be at 10 downtown locations until September.

Here are the locations that the Arts Council of Indianapolis announced today:

1. "Annular Eclipse V," 2000, will be on the northeast corner of Monument Circle and East Market streets at Chase Tower

2. "Four L’s Excentric II," 1987-1990 will be at Christ Church, 55 Monument Circle

3. "Two Planes Vertical Horizontal IV," 1974, will be at the M&I Plaza, 135 N. Pennsylvania St., the southeast corner of Penn. and Ohio.

4. "Two Rectangles Horizontal Jointed Gyratory," 1994, will be at City Market, 222 E. Market St., across from the City-County Building.

5. "Three Squares Gyratory," 1971, will be at the northeast corner of Delaware and Washington streets, the south side of the City-County Building.

6. "Column of Four Squares Excentric Gyratory III, Var. II," 1990, will be at the Broadbent Building, 117 E. Washington St., the southeast corner of Washington and Penn.

7. "Six Lines in a T II," 1964-79, will be at Allen Plaza, 1 Virginia Ave., the northeast corner of Virginia and Penn.

8. "Space Churn with Octagon," 1971, will be at Circle Centre Mall, over the garage entrance off Washington, between Meridian and Illinois.

9. "Rectangles Horizontal, Jointed, Big, Thin, Small," 1990, will be at Capitol Commons, 10 S. Capitol Ave., between Washington and Maryland.

10. "Breaking Column II," 1989, will also be at Capitol Commons.
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