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You-review-it Monday

April 26, 2009
Thanks to all those who came to the pre-show discussion at the Patti LuPone concert. I was honored to host it and share the time with you. I hope to write more about later--and fill you in on next year's Clowes Hall schedule, which was released to subscribers.

Alas, Ms. LuPone, the David Burnham concert at the Cabaret at the Connoisseur Room, and the IRT's "Rabbit Hole" kept me so busy that I didn't get to the Stutz Artists' open house or many other events this beautiful weekend.

So did you get to any of the above? Something else?

(And, side question, was anyone else reliving the terrific Bea Arthur concert from a few year's back at the Murat Egyptian Room when they heard of her passing this weekend?)

Your thoughts?

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