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You-review-it Monday

May 3, 2009
Yes, I know, you ran the Mini. But what else did you do this weekend?

Anybody else catch "Miss Saigon" at Footlite or "Twentieth Century" at Civic? Or find your way into one of the sneak previews of the new "Star Trek" film? (Unfortunatley, because of a review embargo until next week, I can't tell you about the latter. I'll just say that it's a rare case of Hollywood getting something just right when there were so many opportunities to mess it up. It's one of the most straight-up entertaining films I've seen in a long time and I think it will work for both hardcore fans and newcomers. Now, that wasn't a review, was it?)

Of course, there was more going on. Maybe you were grooving to Doc Severinsen with the ISO? Or hitting First Friday gallery openings? Or catching some comedy in the clubs?

Tell us about it.

Your thoughts?
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