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You-review-it Monday

June 22, 2009
For me, the weekend (starting with Thursday, of course), included a belated trip to "Octopus" at the Phoenix Theatre and a mellow opening night for Symphony on the Prairie, featuring the music of the Grateful Dead. In and around those -- plus Father's Day activities -- I managed to screen a trio of movies for our upcoming preview of the Indianapolis International Film Festival and, because the family could all agree on it, watched the free On Demand flick "Fever Pitch." (Curious now about Nick Hornby's original novel, which had to do with soccer--er, football--rather than baseball. And was autobiographical rather than fictional.)

How about you? Did you get to "Much Ado About Nothing" in Garfield Park? Check out the first-time-ever musical production of "Duck Soup" down in Martinsville? Get to a Verizone Wireless Music Center concert?

Your thoughts on whatever A&E you experienced over the last few days?
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