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Jazz Kitchen goes smoke-free

June 25, 2009
As of tomorrow, June 26, the city's top jazz club, The Jazz Kitchen, will adapt an all smoke-free/all the time policy. 

You can still puff on the patio, but the club itself--which hosts top national and local musicians--with stress clean air over the traditional jazz club atmosphere.

Butt wait...there's more.

Friday's show, featuring Cynthia Layne and her band, will celebrate the change by dropping the usual cover charge. That's courtesy of sponsor Take Note, an advocacy group pushing smoke-free workplaces.  Stick around after the live music for deejayed hits and "old school activities" from Old S.O.U.L. Entertainment's Sir Doug.

So is the smoke-filled jazz club with the haze hanging in the spotlit air a thing of the past? Is there any downside to this decision?

If you haven't been there before, will this change encourage you to sample The Jazz Kitchen?

Your thoughts?
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