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You-review-it Monday

April 23, 2012

My weekend went from the language-intensive attempt at recreating a lost Shakespeare play (IUPUI's "The History of Cardenio" in a brand-spanking-new theater) to language-free addition of a live musical score to a classic silent film ("The Mark of Zorro" at the IMA, courtesy of the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra).

The pairing may have subconsciously dictating my reading choice: I've been taking great pleasure in "Actors Talk About Shakespeare" (Limelight) featuring fascinating interviews with the likes of Derek Jacobi, Kevin Kline, and Zoe Caldwell. Now, though, I'm hungry for a full-bodied "Tempest" or "Twelfth Night."

What about you? What did you hear, see or read this weekend?

Did you get to the opening at the Indianapolis Museum of Art? Catch the return of "Avenue Q" at the Phoenix? See "The Three Stooges" at the multiplex?

Your thoughts?  

(Oh, and for a rundown of what I saw on my trip to Broadway last week, click here.)

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