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A few thoughts about Miley Cyrus and we'll move on, OK?

August 27, 2013

I tried to resist but, OK, I'll chime in on the whole Miley Cyrus/VMA nonsense.

Pop stars want attention. It sells concert tickets, recorded music, T-shirts, and other products. Sometimes they get that attention through the quality of their musicianship. Sometimes they get it through their showmanship. Sometimes there's a combination of the two. Putting the awkwardness of her performance aside, Cyrus didn't do anything we haven't seen from other acts. (Alice Cooper anyone? Madonna? Heck, Judy Garland showed her share of skin.) And the so-called outrage about it isn't anything new either. Anyone surprised just hasn't paid much attention to pop culture.

So I'm no more interested in Cyrus than I was before the MTV Video Music Awards. But I am further embarrassed by the news media. To treat this as a major story is more embarrassing than the artist-formerly-known-as-Hannah-Montana's dance moves. I even heard one defying all logic and claiming that the fallout from her stunt contributed to the ratings. News alert: Ratings happen while a show is actually happening. 

(By the way, for a season preview of A&E events that do not involve Cyrus, click here.)

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