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You review it Monday: Leisure Kings, $3 Bill and more

December 22, 2013

For me, the pre-Christmas weekend included a visit to the Jazz Kitchen to hear The Leisure Kings backed by a swinging big band. I also visited the recently renovated contemporary design galleries at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and look forward to writing about both experiences soon.

What about you? Did you take a late-in-the-season run at Yuletide Celebration or "A Christmas Carol"? Take winter-breaking kids to the Children's Museum or the Indiana State Museum? Run out to see "American Hustle" or "Saving Mr. Banks"? Perhaps you were able to score tickets to one of the sold out holiday shows by the Phoenix Theatre or $3 Bill Comedy.

You can find my reviews of the ISO and the Phoenix show's at www.ibj.com. Since I haven't gotten to writing about $3 Bill's "Waiting Up!"--and since the show closed Saturday--I'll do what I try to avoid and just offer up a blurb. Here goes:

"'Staying Up' offered big--if not always consistant--laughs upgraded by a cast of likable knuckleheads and some spirit dancing during transitions. It helps that the fast-moving show went out on a very fun, original musical note featuring perhaps the only holiday tune ever to focus on fire code violations."

What did you do (besides last-minute shopping) over the weekend?

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