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Who should replace Letterman?

April 4, 2014

David Letterman announced during his March 3rd program that he’s “wrapping things up and taking a hike” at a TBA date in 2015. You can see the announcement here.

Kudos to Letterman for waiting until fellow late-night talk show hosts on other networks have settled a bit into their new chairs before grabbing the spotlight. And even louder applause for working some terrific laughs into his announcement. But we shouldn't be surprised at that.

Nor should we be surprised at the announcement itself. He certainly has put in his time (Anyone else out there remember his daytime talk show?) and weathered plenty of storms.

So let’s enjoy his final year and start the game of who's next.

Craig Ferguson? Chelsea Handler? Should Ellen DeGeneres go late night? Chris Rock? Stephen Colbert?

Who's your pick?

And how visible do you expect Letterman to be post-show?

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