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You-review-it Monday: Stutz Artists Open House and more

April 28, 2014

For me, the weekend included a Friday night trek through the Stutz Building for its annual open house. In addition to a wide range of art to covet, the event also afforded the pleasure of hearing Gordon Bonham and others playing in the halls. 

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of hosting Indy Reads' annual Alphabet Affair and was impressed with the range of "P" themed costumes--including Pandora, Mrs. Peacock, a pair of penguins, a set of punctuation marks, and a player for the Rockford Peaches. 

Sunday found me at Indy Reads Books where the Indiana Repertory Theatre offered the first of what I hope will be a long series of new-play readings with a talented cast tackling Sherry Kramer's "How Water Behaves." 

Of course, there was plenty that I missed. Did you make it to Butler ArtsFest's encore week? Explore Installation Nation at the Indianapolis Art Center? Figure out whodunnit at "The Game's Afoot" at the IRT?

What did you see, hear or do on the A&E front this weekend?

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