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Spotlight highlights

May 12, 2015

More than $300,000 was raised May 11 at Spotlight, the annual benefit supporting the Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis' efforts to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. But, as in past years, it wasn't just money that was donated. It was also talent.

Fifteen arts groups, smoothly orchestrated by a top-notch production crew, offered samplings from shows past and present as well as original work. Combined, they put on a show like nothing else in the city.

Consider that two of the highlights represented Spotlight's extremes. At one end, you had about 50 youngsters from Kids Dance Outreach, an empowering organization helping instill young lives with the tools needed to overcome their challenges. Here's hoping that the thunderous reaction to their moves, set to Jackson Five hits, brought them as much pleasure as it brought those of use in the audience.

In contrast, five of the male dancers from Dance Kaleidoscope, wearing next to nothing, brought talent, athleticism, energy, and enormous joy to a wildly erotic number set to Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. It was as if the entire audience received a collective lap dance.

Kudos, too, to Indianapolis Opera's Lyndsay Moy and Briana Sosenheimer, who offered the "Flower Duet" from "Lakme" while a Ballet Theatre of Indiana trio danced. And to actress Constance Macy who, in perhaps the toughest spot in the evening (After the first video regarding the cause), stepped up with a riveting-from-the-get-go performance of a monologue from "Good People,"  a play she recently performed at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. A shame this crowd couldn't have been given this taste while the show was still running.

Were you at Spotlight? Did you have any favorites?

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