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Super hero museum closes

January 8, 2008
Superman leaps tall buildings in a single bound (note: If he can fly, why does he bother leaping? Just asking).

Dane Nash took his own enormous leap—of faith—when he decided to put his Superman and Batman memorabilia collection—including a full-sized Batmobile and Batboat—in a downtown storefront and called it the American Super Heroes Museum.

Alas, Nash announces on the Museum’s voicemail that its doors are “closed forever.” (The website is still up, though, at www.heroesmuseum.com.)

Reasons aren’t given, but a Monopoly-playing level of business knowledge should be enough to point to a tricky location, downtown rent, and a limited-appeal collection as contributing factors. Or maybe there’s something else.

Whatever the case, I had hopes that the eccentric American Super Heroes would, if not soar, at least be around when the next Batman movie opened.

Heck, Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels, a museum of mechanical instruments, is still open in southern Indiana (need proof, visit www.drteds.com). The Museum of Miniature Houses is still housed in Carmel (see www.museumofminiatures.org).

Surely Nash’s collection shouldn’t be hidden in a bat cave or fortress of solitude somewhere.

Your thoughts?
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