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January 14, 2008
One of the most pleasant hours of my weekend was spent chatting with staff and customers at Big Hat Books, the Broad Ripple independent that gave the city a low-key cultural infusion when it opened a few years ago. (Visit it by clicking here.)

While the handsome store is modest in size, its importance as a neighborhood focal point got me thinking about the amount of time I’ve spent in bookstores—from bargain hunting at Half-Price Books to speaking with readers groups at Borders to blissfully killing between-appointment times in bookstores in New York, L.A. and elsewhere.

Occasionally, I even buy a book or two.

What I want to share here, though, is a link from London’s Guardian Unlimited celebrating its picks of the world’s best bookstores. It’s worth a look, not just for bookstore lovers like me, but also for those architecturally interested in space conversion. You can find it here.

Speaking of books, I’m just finishing Dave Marsh’s slim book “The Beatles' Second Album.” It’s part of Rodale Books’ Rock of Ages series in which each volume offers a highly personal critical essay on a specific album. Next I’m looking forward to reading Pete Fornatale’s take on Simon and Garfunkle’s “Bookends.” You can them here.

Feel free to share your thoughts here on your favorite bookstores, the value of such places, or recent books worth buying.
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