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Ticket scalping...for the symphony?

January 19, 2008
This evening's performance of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra featured something extraordinary ... and I'm not talking about the performances of Beethoven's "Pastoral" and Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" (although those were outstanding).

I'm talking about ticket scalping. ISO head honcho Simon Crookall was glowing when, in the lobby before the performance, he heard the news and went out to personally investigate.  An orchestra rep later told me he'd only seen ISO ticket scalping twice.

Once was for Peter Frampton's recent pops gig (that doesn't count in my book). The other was a performance by pianist Andre Watts back in the '90s.

But this hot ticket evening was different in that it did not feature a big-name draw. So why were tickets in such demand? Maybe you can help me figure out this thing called "buzz." (And, no, I don't think that the demand was caused by the event recommendation in my e-mail blast on Thursday. At least, not entirely.)

Your thoughts?

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