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You-review-it Monday, 1-21-08

January 21, 2008
I had a busy A&E weekend, with the "Three Girls and Their Buddy" concert at Clowes Hall on Friday night (more on that later), the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s hot ticket "Rite of Spring" performance on Saturday (see previous blog entry here), plus side trips to the Central Library, the Children’s Museum, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (anyone else unimpressed by the new Maya Lin sculpture?).

In between, I knocked back "An Uncommon Reader," the new novella by Alan Bennett (who wrote the play and movie "The History Boys"). Technically, you might put it in the category of alternative histories—those books that postulate what might have happened if the South won the Civil War or if Charles Lindbergh were elected president. In this case, though, the big change is subtler—Queen Elizabeth becomes an avid reader. If you have a passion for books—and liked the movie "The Queen"—it’s a guaranteed smile.

So did you get to any of the above? Or did you catch the first weekend of "Doubt" at the IRT or the return of "Menopause: the Musical" to Mass Ave.  (see reviews of both here)?

What was on your A&E plate and what did you think of it?

I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts here.
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