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'Project Runway' goes artsy

February 1, 2008
It had to happen eventually, I suppose.

The “Project Runway” creators are shopping another reality/competition show to the networks—this one looking at the art world.

"There will be creative challenges, unexpected challenges, things that will test these artists outside of their comfort zone," co-creator Jane Lipsitz told the New York Daily News. "But we also want to make the challenges really accessible to the viewers because I think art is viewed as an elitist arena at times. We really feel like we can make it entertaining."

OK, let’s assume the show does fly. Would any artists out there (or anyone else) like to speculate on the upside and what’s the downside of such a show?

On the one hand, a nationally televised show means exposure not only for the dozen artists but also to some of the realities of the challenges artists face.

On the other hand, I’m not convinced that challenges and eliminations and all the other trappings of these shows mesh with the reality of creating art.

Then again, one could argue that “Project Runway” is one of the better shows of its ilk because its challenges actually reflect some of the creative problems faced in the very commercial fashion field.

But isn’t art supposed to come from a singular creative drive?

(Let’s just hope it’s not a show where viewers vote. That’s all we need is a show crowning the next Thomas Kincaid.)

Your thoughts?
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