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November 22, 2017

On the brink of Thanksgiving...

I’m thankful that professional artists as well as talented non-pros (many should not be called amateurs) who continue to create in Central Indiana.

I’m thankful that, every week, there’s more interesting arts activity going on here than I could possibly cover.

I’m thankful for the teachers and administrators who see the value of and continue to fight for arts education (and field trips!). And I continue to be thankful for the teachers who, long ago, instilled a love of the arts in me.

I’m thankful for publications that continue to see value in arts coverage.

I’m thankful for the philanthropic folks, generous companies, and active board members that keep the not-for-profit arts rolling.

I’m thankful for risk-taking artists and groups that are more concerned with following their artistic muses rather than catering to a mass audience.

I’m also thankful to artists and groups that continue to entertain mass audiences while also providing work and valuable experience for area talent.

I’m thankful for the presenters who bring in talent from beyond our borders.

I’m thankful for organizations including the American Theatre Critics Association and the Indiana Film Journalists Association that have welcomed me and continue to push me to learn more.

I’m thankful for the optimism, forward-thinking, and hard work that is leading to new venues and arts organizations in Indy.

I'm thankful for my IBJ colleagues who keep raising the bar on quality journalism. And IBJ's designers who elevate our words.

And I’m thankful for readers who continue to visit IBJ, whether online or in print.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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