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IBJ Night at the Movies IV

February 21, 2008
A few reasons why I’m interested in “The Other Boleyn Girl”:

1. Natalie Portman, still looking for a post-“Star Wars” winner.
2. Scarlett Johansson, ready to step up from the promise of her early, less challenging roles.
3. Eric Bana, in a role that, done right, could keep you from confusing him with a half-dozen other GQ-ready actors.
4. Jason Chadwick, a relatively unknown director whose imdb.com credits list nothing since a couple of episodes of “Bleak House.”
5. Screenwriter Peter Morgan, who made magic out of “The Queen.”
6. The fact that I can still remember clearly watching the “Masterpiece Theatre” production of “The Six Wives of Henry VIII.”

If you are as interested as I am, join us for as screening of “The Other Boleyn Girl” at the next IBJ Night at the Movies.

It’s Thursday, Feb. 28 at Regal Galaxy 14, 8105 E. 96th St.

Be among the first 40 to e-mail me at Lharry@ibj.com with “Boleyn” in the subject line and I’ll have a pass for two set aside for you. Once you get e-mail notification, you can pick them up here at the IBJ offices.

Just don’t lose your head about it.

For more information on the film, click here.
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