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A book by its cover

March 14, 2008

On my long to-do list for this weekend is to dig into Barbara Shoup’s upcoming young adult novel “Everything You Want” (set for release in April from Flux books).

Shoup is an Indiana writer with a stack of acclaimed books to her credit, but this is my first time reading her. And I’ll admit without shame that one of the reasons I’m taking a leap with this one is that it has a great cover.

I know, of course, that the words came long before the cover design was decided. However, as a lifelong reader, I accept the reality that I’m less likely to read a book with a lousy jacket than I am to read—or purchase—a book with a good one. So am I judging a book by its cover? In part, of course I am. I bet you do, too.

Your thoughts?
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