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The Indy roots of "Glee"

September 9, 2009

It seems as far away from his preview hit show, "Nip/Tuck," as possible, but Indianapolis native Ryan Murphy could have another crowd-pleasure with "Glee," which opens its first season on Fox this evening.

The show, about a misfit high school glee club, sneak previewed its pilot earlier this year, allowing it to build an audience, particular among high school students (and former high school students with fond memories of group singing).

"Glee" is actually a return to high school for Murphy, a Warren Central grauduate, who also developed the two-season-and-out show "Popular" for the WB. Indy residents will no doubt be looking for local in-jokes and references as the series progresses. It has already named Carmel High School as the oh-so-perfect glee club to beat.

With more of an edge than the "High School Musical" franchise (which had no edge whatsoever) and with a talented cast, including Broadway vets, this could be a hit with a multi-generational audience.

Your thoughts on "Glee" or your experience in glee clubs?

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