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One for the books: Barden/Obama

May 8, 2008
One of Indy’s most notable writers, Dan Barden, earned national acclaim for his book “John Wayne: a novel,” published in 1997 by Random House. He’s also penned essays for such publications as GQ and Details, teaches creative writing at Butler University and runs a fiction writing workshop (plus, full disclosure, he was a freelance columnist for me when I edited Indy Men’s Magazine).

Earlier this week, Barden wrote for a more targeted audience.

In a mass e-mail, he made an offer. “If you will decide, right now, to vote for Senator Obama,” he wrote, “I will put you in the acknowledgements page of my next book. No kidding.”

The offer wasn’t open to those who had already decided on Obama. “Those folks only get my undying gratitude,” Barden wrote.

I checked with Barden after the election and he informed me that, while one person took him up on the deal, he is considering modifying the offer. “Your note has spurred me to think about the massive Obama voter registration drive which will start soon. I want to be part of that, and maybe I'll make the same offer, but on a larger scale. I mean, hey, what the hell, right? If I get a lot of names, it will just be a few extra pages.”

Me, I’m just excited that a new Barden book may be on the horizon.

Your thoughts?
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