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Let the art fair season begin

May 16, 2008
This weekend marks the unofficial launch of the summer art fair season, with the Broad Ripple Art Fair sure to attract mobs to the Indianapolis Art Center grounds (weather cooperating, of course). 

I'm a fan of BRAF and its end-of-summer-IMA-bookend, the Penrod Art Fair--and I'll probably go to both again this year. For me, they're great ways to gather information, fun opportunities to schmooze, and terrific excuses to get outdoors.

Truth is, though, when I think back on previous fairs, I don't recall much about the art or the performances. Of course, this could have a lot to do with the fact that I usually had a kid or two in tow.

So I'm asking: For you, are the art fairs more than just a social experience? Have they exposed you to artists that you otherwise would not have encountered? Have you heard or seen any outstanding live performances? Have you been inspired?

Your thoughts?
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