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In you face: 3-D on the way

May 22, 2008
1500 movie screens across the country will be upgraded to 3-D. So announced Regal Entertainment Group on Tuesday.

What was once a gimmick, now looks to be the standard for  future moviegoing. This summer's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and the fall's "Bolt," "Horrorween," and "Fly Me to the Moon" are just the beginning.

2009 brings, among others, "Monsters vs. Aliens," "Around the World in 50 Years" (about an animated giant sea turtle), James Cameron's "Avatar," "How to Trani Your Dragon," "Dumbass 3-D" (don't ask), Pixar's "Up," and, drumroll please, a Jonas Brothers concert film. And that's all well before the expensive upgrade is complete.

Which begs the question: In 20 years, will 2-D films have the stigma of black and white or silent films?

And, while we're on the subject, have any of your 3-D experiences exceeded your expectations?

Your thoughts?
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