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Summer on the tube

June 5, 2008

Since “The Sopranos” staged its final hit, “Desperate Housewives” became, well, desperate, and “American Idol” lost some of its water-cooler luster, I’m hearing fewer people outside of the media talk about television shows. (Except for kids, who are still gabbing about “High School Musical” and eagerly anticipating “Camp Rock.”)

Sure, we’re still watching TV. But there seems to be less conversation about it. After all, how much is there to say about an episode of “Deal or No Deal”?

If CBS has anything to say about it, “Swingtown” (a much-hyped ‘70s-set new series that involves partner swapping) might get people talking again. And Showtime is still trying to pull more of us in with “Weeds.” Then again, maybe we’ll be too wrapped up in “Celebrity Circus,” “Wipeout,” and “American Gladiators” to care about programs that actually involve writing.

Your thoughts?

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