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Preview: Chakaia Booker in Indy

June 13, 2008

IBJ reporter Jennifer Whitson takes over the blog for a moment with some info on the upcoming Chakaia Booker public art exhibition.

New York-based artist Chakaia Booker’s nine new sculptures will be taking over downtown starting July 14 for a public art exhibition dubbed “Chakaia Booker: Mass Transit.” A tenth, existing piece will be at the Indianapolis Art Center’s Artspark.

Booker’s work is usually made up of a wood or steel frame covered in cut and woven tires, which add varying jagged and curving textures to the abstract pieces.

For Indianapolis, some of her works are more literal and reflect inspiration drawn from the city’s history. But those who work with Booker say she dislikes talking about her inspiration because she wants viewers to bring their own ideas to the works.

What do you think? Do you want to know the story behind a piece or to approach it with a blank slate?

Check here for a map, list and some early photos and descriptions of the upcoming Chakaia Booker exhibition, which will be installed the week of July 14 and taken down April 1, 2009.

Photo copyright Chakaia Booker, courtesy of Marlborough Gallery, New York. Photo: Nelson Tejada, 2003.
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