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Summer of the Superhero

July 15, 2008
There was Iron Man. There was the Hulk. There was Hell Boy. Now, Batman is back.

Summer has long been the time of blockbuster special effects movies, but this year seems disproportionately super hero focused.

What does it say that so many films--not to mention, so many acclaimed films--focus on characters with special powers?

Is it, as some have theorized, the continuation of a long dramatic chain linking all the way back to the Greeks (whose gods seem strikingly like our cape-and-cowled friends)? Or is there something about our times that cry out for these larger than life characters?

Your thoughts on these weighty philosophical matters? And your thoughts on the best and worst super hero movies?

And, while your at it, your prediction for the success or failure of the upcoming Spiderman stage musical?
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