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Overdosing on the Beatles?

August 18, 2008
In putting together this year's IBJ A&E Season Preview (coming soon to your favorite business paper), I saw a mini-trend emerging.

It starts Aug. 28-29 with "Classical Mystery Tour," a visit from a quartet of Liverpoolian-look-and-sing-alikes at Conner Prairie.

That same weekend, Rib America's lineup includes a completely different foursome performing "Beatlemania Live!"

It continues in January when Dance Kaleidoscope brings back its "Magical Mystery Tour" program, set to the music of you know who.

Then March brings the tour of "Rain: The Beatles Experience" to Clowes Memorial Hall.

Plus it seems that "1964: The Tribute" plays Beef & Boards every year. There's no reason to think that it won't show up on this year's yet-to-be-announced schedule.

Is this all too much, even for Beatles fans? Are Beatles impersonators/interpreters the new Elvis impersonators/interpreters? And is there artistic cred in what they do?

Your thoughts?
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