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November 25, 2008
Today, I'm just going to serve as your GPS, guiding you to some interesting arts writing from my blog roll. Happy clicking.

--Recent Indy visitor Tyler Green (of IMOCA/IMCPL/IO's "10 Things I Hate About Contemporary Art") comments on his recent trek though the Indianapolis Mueum of Art. Find it at Modern Art Notes here.

--Playbill.com announces that the Broadway musical "Young Frankenstein"will be closing in January after about 500 performances. It joins a long list of other Broadway shows shutting down, including "13," "Hairspray," "Spamalot," "Spring Awakening," and "Gypsy." I'm planning a few New York runs soon. Looks like I may be heading off-Broadway. I'll keep you posted.

--Chad M. Bauman, on his Arts Marketing blog here asks the difficult question "Do we have too much art?" He notes: "...the supply and demand conundrum that many communities face can also be solved by eliminating the excess supply. This crisis will create a de facto 'survival of the fittest' culture for arts organizations." So who, here, isn't quite fit enough to survive?

--Over at IndianaAuditions.com, a site frequented largely by Indy's community theater world, a lively discussion was sparked when actress Marni Lemons questioned a comment I made about being bugged when playwrights/composers/lyricists aren't given as much bio info as actors in theater programs. Feel free to toss in your opinion on the matter here or there.

That's just for starters. Feel free to click on any of my blog roll links over there on the left for lively arts commentary. And drop a note here if there's a blog that you think I should be including.

Your thoughts?
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