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A Fink among Muppets

December 17, 2008
On Wednesday, "A Muppet Christmas--Letters to Santa" made its holiday debut on NBC.

Why am I mentioning that here?

Two reasons.

1. It was co-written by Indianapolis native Hugh Fink, a former SNL scribe and very funny man. (Check out some funny business featuring Fink and his violin here--including Indiana references.)

2. I'm a Muppet fan going way back. I even included in my recent book "Kid Culture" a chapter titled "12 Moments Where the Muppets are as Great as Anything Ever Created by Mankind." But, like many Muppet lovers, I know that they've lost their way in recent years. I'm curious to see if this special points toward the cloth characters finding their way again.

So do you have any favorite Muppet moments? Kermit on the bicycle in "The Muppet Movie"? Ernie singing "Dancing Myself to Sleep" and annoying Bert? Any one of the outstanding Grover books?

And have any of you seen Hugh Fink on stage? Or have any thoughts on the special?

Your thoughts?
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