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You-review-it Monday

December 22, 2008
I like to think of myself as a realist.

So I know that this is unlikely to have been the busiest weekend for arts activity. Still, there may be some of you who warmed themselves by the light of the ISO, the IRT, ATI or another company offering holiday fare. Maybe you were in the crowd at the Celine Dion concert. Or maybe you hit a comedy club.

Perhaps you celebrated your shopping completion with a museum stop. (Remember: the "12 Free Days of Christmas" promo is still going on. Today, it's the Indiana State Museum.)

Whatever the case--or even if you limited yourself to holiday shows on TV--let us know what you saw or did this weekend.

Me, I finally got around to watching "The Lady Eve," a Preston Sturges comedy that had been on my list for years but somehow dodged me. Great fun. And I zoomed through about half of David Koenig's book "Realityland," about the business side of the creation of Walt Disney World--a subject I'm inexplicably fascinated by.

Your thoughts?
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