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Your arts resolutions

December 31, 2008
Have I ever asked anything of you, loyal readers?

Well, now I am. And it's pretty simple.

Resolve right now to attend at least one more arts event in 2009 than you did in 2008. Resolve to do more if you feel up to it.

That can mean taking advantage of such free events as First Friday arts openings. It can mean taking your kids to just one more children's offering, catching one more museum exhibition or attending one more concert.

You can resolve to subscribe to a theater company. Or to attend at least one arts organization's benefit event.

Each day, this blog gets between 300 and 1500 hits. If just a small percentage of you make that resolution, it can make a difference in the arts scene here. (If you need help picking promising stuff to do, sign up for my free weekly e-mail blast here. )

State your resolution below. Inspire others.

And here's to a great 2009.
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