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Valuing the FFA convention

March 19, 2008
The National FFA put out a release today saying its national convention in Indianapolis in October created a $40 million impact. Lump out suppliers from outside the area, and the local impact amounted to $34.5 million.

Global Insight Inc., a respected Boston-based research firm, did the study. A little extra math shows the FFA values the local economic impact of the 50,000 who attended at about $650 each.

Many groups roll out these studies before asking a favor, and the FFA is no exception.

The organization plans to decide by November whether the 2013-19 conventions will continue to be held in Indianapolis or be moved back to Louisville, which was the host for several years before it moved to Indianapolis in 2006.

Indianapolis officials, of course, want to keep the members and their trademark blue and gold jackets coming back.

Do you believe Global Insightâ??s numbers?
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