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Expert: 75 mph might be safe

June 24, 2008
A Purdue University civil engineering professor made news this week by rolling out a study showing the new 70 mph speed limit on rural interstates in Indiana caused virtually no increase in fatalities or injuries.

The study was prompted by the stateâ??s increasing the limit from 65 mph in summer 2005.

The engineer, Fred Mannering, thinks slower drivers went faster but fast drivers didnâ??t increase their speeds as much. The result was more people traveling at about the same rate, which reduces accidents.

Indiana could get away with bumping the limit to 75 mph if Illinois and Ohio ever move theirs from 65 to 70, Mannering says. If they donâ??t, the difference between 65 mph in Illinois and Ohio and 75 mph in Indiana would cause accidents.

â??As drivers go from one state to the next, there may not be this smooth transition,â?? he says.

What do you think? Will there come a point when Indiana should consider increasing the speed limit again?
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