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Prostitution and Nuvo

July 3, 2008
Yesterday's story of an Indianapolis police officer and his wife being accused of running a prostitution ring took an interesting turn this morning when Nuvo issued a release denying any connection to the alleged wrong-doing.

Lori Vernon-Lee has advertised in Nuvo for several years, the newspaper said in the release, but no Nuvo employee knew that she and Jeremy Lee were violating the law, the statement said.

â??While we support the right of individuals to seek adult entertainment, we also abide by the Indiana state law that prohibits advertising any business that exchanges sex for money,â?? Publisher Kevin McKinney said.

What do you think? Is Nuvoâ??s denying any association with a prostitution ring like Soldier of Fortune distancing itself from mercenaries?

Or, as a wag here at IBJ said, is it like record storesâ?? insisting those colorful water pipes are for decoration only?
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