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Incentives as a way of life

July 9, 2008
Competition for jobs and investment has become so fierce that companies with a good growth plan are firmly in the driverâ??s seat.

A local example is Bowen Engineering Corp., which is asking for $290,000 in incentives from Indianapolis to move its offices from Fishers as part of an expansion.

The company was started in 1967 in Indianapolis by Chairman Robert Bowen. His son, Doug Bowen, who is now president, says he briefly considered moving the company out of state before settling on staying in Indiana.

Leslie Wagner, director of project management and development at the consulting firm Ginovus Inc., believes Bowen is wise to shop around. Incentives can save money that can be plowed back into the company in other ways, she says.

â??Iâ??m not sure that theyâ??re bidding wars,â?? Wagner says. â??Every person, every company wants to be responsible in spending resources.â??

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