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The 'vicious cycle' at newspapers

July 21, 2008
A new study shows newspapers continue to lose advertising dollars and circulation to the Internet, and theyâ??re slicing ever deeper into newsroom budgets to try to stay in the black.

Stories are shorter and devote less attention to international affairs, business, science and the arts. Reporters are being asked to cover more beats, effectively diluting their expertise and ability to write authoritatively.

Newspapers risk creating a vicious cycle of offering less to readers, readersâ?? turning away, ad dollars following the readers elsewhere, and newspapers being forced to offer even less, the study says.

The future has become so uncertain that a mere 5 percent of editors felt they could predict how newsrooms would look in five years.

What do you think? Is there anything newspapers can do to make more money online or to get print readers to come back?
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