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Susan Bayh as a political liability

August 19, 2008
Barack Obama is expected to announce his vice presidential running mate any day now, and Evan Bayhâ??s name is still thought to be on the short list.

The Indiana senator is viewed as a moderate who would counter Obamaâ??s liberal voting record and be a draw for Midwestern voters.

But one of the downsides to a Bayh candidacy is his wife, Susan, who sits on a number of corporate boards.

Locally, she is a director at Emmis Communications, which has seen a prominent shareholder call for her resignation over the companyâ??s stock price, and WellPoint, which is a reviled health insurer.

Obamaâ??s campaign is reportedly worried about McCain making hay out of her corporate connections. (Imagine the ads: â??Evan Bayhâ??s wife helped deny insurance to people who couldnâ??t afford health care.â??)

What do you think? Should her corporate ties be enough for Obama to overlook her husband?
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