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Habitat builds through tough times

August 27, 2008

The down economy hasnâ??t exactly been a gift to not-for-profits, but at least one is actually doing better.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis plans to build 22 houses this year, a couple of units more than last year.

With dollar donations running 10 percent behind last year, how is Habitat doing it?

By pulling in a greater number of small corporate donations to compensate for a decline in giving by large companies. And by seeing more individuals send small donations.

Habitat also is coaxing businesses to help by bringing materials to parking lots where employees can spend an hour or so assembling wall panels and then go back to their jobs.

Habitatâ??s retail store, which sells donated cabinets, windows and other housing goods, is churning out revenue, too.

The upshot is, a little imagination and hard work is keeping the organization alive and putting more people in their own houses.

Anyone know of other not-for-profit success stories during these hard times?

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