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Less zing in Daniels' second term?

September 2, 2008
Mitch Daniels ran for governor four years ago promising to shake things up, and it would be hard to argue that he hasnâ??t followed through.

Daylight saving time passed. Cigarette taxes were raised to fund health insurance. Property taxes were reformed.

What caught many Hoosiers off guard was the extent to which he privatized government functions. Economic development was turned over to a private not-for-profit. Indiana Toll Road and prison functions were sent to private contractors. And he continues to expand privatization of the Family and Social Services Administration.

Daniels said virtually nothing about privatization during his first campaign, yet the issue dominated much of his administration and probably caught more flak than anything else he pushed for, including daylight saving time.

Which brings us to his reelection campaign.

Daniels has said he will try again to privatize the lottery. Small goals include helping more students go to college and protecting school teachers from certain lawsuits.

But for someone who relishes turning things upside down, the agenda for a second term seems timid.

What do you think? Is Daniels less eager to shake things up? Or does he have big plans he isnâ??t talking about?
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