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Secrecy and animal testing

November 10, 2008
One of the most secretive companies in town has made its first public announcement in a long time.

Harlan Sprague Dawley, which is best known for supplying custom-designed laboratory rats for research, has reorganized its various units under a single name, Harlan Laboratories Inc. The move will present a more-coherent image to customers, the company says.

Harlan is publicity-shy for a reason. Its executives live in constant fear of attacks from animal-rights protesters.

What are your thoughts about animal testing?

Labels on shampoos and other consumer products increasingly note they werenâ??t tested on animals. â??Cruelty free,â?? some say. Yet, many drug and cosmetic companies say they still need to reserve the option. Same goes for universities.

Should the testing be banned outright? Is enough being done to minimize the tests?

To put it personally, would you be willing to have a promising cancer drug tested on you before it had gone through animal testing?
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