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Wishard's $754M request

July 13, 2009
The folks at Wishard Memorial Hospital have tough jobs. They care for the indigent, patch up more than their share of gunshot wounds, and pay for most of it by billing government insurance programs, which arenâ??t known for lucrative reimbursements.

Ancient, often-obsolete facilities and equipment complicate their work. While the suburbs boast gleaming, expensive buildings and equipment, Wishard gets by with the medical equivalent of baling wire and duct tape.

In that light, how do you feel about the $754 million that Wishard wants to spend to replace its central hospital near IUPUI? The hospital plans to ask voters in November to allow it to sell bonds to finance most of the project.

Wishard proposes to pay off the bonds through its cash flow, meaning by billing the state and federal government.

Do you see a downside to this?
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