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Questions about â??clunkersâ??

August 6, 2009
â??Cash for clunkersâ?? has sent lots of gas-guzzlers to the scrap yard and helped car dealers move the metal.

But as Congress considers adding $2 billion to the initial $1 billion earmarked for the program, both the political right and left are raising criticisms.

Conservatives say the cost is running up the deficit instead of helping the economy, and they question the basic premise of offering money to inspire purchases.

Environmentalists complain improvements in fuel efficiency arenâ??t large enough (an average of 25.4 mpg for vehicles bought with the rebates), and that people shouldnâ??t be rewarded for having driven inefficient vehicles. And, they ask, why pay for the program with funds set aside for renewable energy?

How do you feel about â??clunkers?â?? Anything you like about it? Dislikes?
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