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Grizzled entrepreneur: Pounce now

August 11, 2009
Dave Becker has made a lot of money on ventures including First Internet Bank and a banking software firm called re:Member Data Services, so his thoughts about the right time to launch a business are not exactly uninformed.

When is the best point in this economic cycle for an entrepreneur to trust his or her gut and go for it? Actually, Becker says, conditions are â??perfectâ?? right now.

Think about it: Finance and all manner of other industries are beaten to a pulp. That means there are opportunities for people who can think of a better, cheaper way to get the job done and undercut the dinosaurs.

In addition to finance, Becker adds, some of the best openings locally are in green energy, life sciences and finding ways to do things with information. The health care sector knows virtually nothing about its patients compared to what the mortgage industry knows about its borrowers, he notes.

â??This is the opportune time for entrepreneurs,â?? he says. â??Rethink old practices that have been cast in stone for years and years.â??

The timing is also right because money will begin flowing soon. Maybe not much at first, but bottlenecks will open as the economy improves.

If a would-be entrepreneur hasnâ??t refined a concept for a business, nowâ??s the time to do so and get established, he says. That way the business will be ready when the economy comes back.

How do you feel about Beckerâ??s optimism?
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