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Non news is good news for Lilly

December 18, 2007
Eli Lilly and Co.â??s announcement this morning that President and Chief Operating Officer John Lechleiter would succeed CEO Sidney Taurel in April was a picture of smooth succession planning.

Lechleiterâ??s ascension had been expected for so long that the news was hardly news.

The markets certainly werenâ??t thrown for a loop. Lilly shares have traded between $53.17 and $54 all day â?? not so different from the past couple of weeks.

Itâ??s the second smooth succession in a row for Lilly. Randy Tobias, in fact, prides himself on grooming Taurel as his replacement.

Youâ??ve probably seen a few transitions at organizations where youâ??ve worked. Howâ??s the best way for top executives to hand over control of a company?

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