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Covering the least of these

January 21, 2008
It isnâ??t often these days that we see deep, serious reporting on poverty that helps explain the problem and makes us think.

In a recent interview, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne argued that the subject has been edged out of news coverage by the very way newspapers are structured.

â??Newspapers are built to cover the wealthy and the famous much more than they are built to cover the working class or the poor,â?? Dionne said in Columbia Journalism Review, a trade publication. â??There are entire business sections devoted to what the people running big companies do.â??

Or, he could have added, entire newspapers, like IBJ.

Dionne went on to say there are good reasons for the structures. But the result is that poor and even middle-class people are getting little attention.

What do you think? While news organizations cover CEOs and others who make big decisions and large paychecks, should those organizations also be putting more energy into reporting on those who are less fortunate?

Have we Americans become so enamored with business that weâ??ve left behind those who havenâ??t â??made it?â??
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