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Do doctors make too much money?

February 12, 2008
Health insurance companies including Indianapolis' own WellPoint Inc. have been relentless in trying to suppress spiraling health costs. So relentless, in fact, that doctors are pushing back.

Physician groups in Kokomo, Rushville and other cities are refusing to take new patients insured through WellPoint's Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance.

In Indianapolis, Community Health Network and its 170 doctors are in a contract dispute with Minnesota-based UnitedHealthcare. Late last month Community CEO Bill Corley said the two entities had been unable to agree to "reasonable reimbursement rates."

In a case followed by IBJ reporter J.K. Wall, Internal Medicine Associates in Bloomington is threatening to not treat Anthem patients, period. The upshot: The patients can pay out of pocket or find new insurance if they want to keep seeing Internal Medicine docs.

Government figures show the average wage for all doctors and surgeons in the state is $174,500.

Are doctors underpaid and caught in the middle, or are they part of the problem?
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